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Dedicated Environmental Consultants

We recognize that the world is changing. Resources are getting scarcer, operating costs are rising, and traditional land-use practices are unsustainable. Energized Solutions remains committed to turning these challenges into opportunities by providing a wide range of efficiency solutions and policy designs that will substantially benefit your organization and the planet.

Energy Efficiency

Water Conservation

Environmental Planning

 Climate change and resource scarcity are critical issues facing businesses, residents, and agencies throughout Southern California. The fact is that as the environmental and financial costs of energy and water continue to rise, we are challenged with finding ways to reduce consumption and increase efficiency, implement alternative and renewable applications, and rethink our use of these precious resources.

Energized Solutions utilizes the latest environmentally responsible strategies for energy, water, and land use planning that benefit our commercial, corporate, governmental, and academic clients. We recognize that it is not only possible, but essential that we work together to implement conservation methods that make both short and long term economic and environmental sense. Our diverse team of professionals has an exceptional track record  of reducing dependencies on fossil fuel resources, improving the environmental outlook for future generations, and implementing plans and policies that have increased the prosperity and longevity of our clients' organizations.

Our innovative approach will help you understand and apply effective solutions for energy efficiency, water conservation, and environmental planning. We will help you identify and implement viable energy and water efficiency retrofits, develop substantive educational programs, create cost-effective and legally-defensible environmental plans, and help your organization emerge as a leader of the 21st century and beyond.