About Us

About Us

Energized Solutions, LLC is a Southern California-based firm established in 2003 with headquarters in Whittier, California. Energized Solutions has been certified by the California Public Utilities Commission as a Minority Business Enterprise and by the Metropolitan Water District as a Small Business Enterprise. Energized Solutions also qualifies as a Regional Business Enterprise, being the firm’s headquarters located in Los Angeles County.

Energized Solutions is proudly composed of a culturally diverse group of men and women professionals whose aim will be to provide resource planning recommendations, educational tools, monitoring and verification assessment, and business transformation services to select firms at a competitive price.

Daniel F. Duran

As the Principal and Founder of Energized Solutions, Daniel Duran (Ph.D.) has managed energy-related projects throughout the United States. He also serves as an Associate Professor in the Business Administration Department at Whittier College and teaches courses in Renewable Resource Planning, Sustainable Development, Global Ethics, and International Business. Dan has a Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has co-authored texts and reports on energy efficiency strategies, environmental policies and water conservation programs.

Dan’s background includes decades of leadership positions in the Energy and Information Systems arenas. He is widely respected for his research and projects associated with renewable resource planning. His background includes holding several senior positions with Southern California Edison, PacifiCorp, Edison Enterprises, and Sempra Energy Solutions. Dan is well versed in developing economically and environmentally responsible energy and water resource programs for various utilities, government agencies, and commercial clients. He has led several business “turnarounds” and has championed and delivered change management training programs.

Cinzia Fissore

Cinzia is currently an Assistant Professor in Biology and Environmental Science at Whittier College, where she teaches Environmental Science, Soil Science, Long-Term Environmental Change and other courses focused on current environmental topics. As part of the Energized Solutions team, Cinzia has managed and worked on projects related to water and energy conservation within the agricultural sector of Southern California.

Cinzia has over ten years of research experience in the field of soil science and terrestrial biogeochemistry across ecosystems, from forest to urban ecosystems, which have led to a number of peer-reviewed publications and other relevant reports and documents. She has conducted work for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, and the U.S.D.A. Forest Service. In addition, Cinzia has extensive experience conducting research related to the anthropogenic drivers of change taking place within the Earth’s natural carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous cycles.


We’re Committed

Energized Solutions is committed to educating and working with college students in environmental sustainability. We are eager and proud to work with diverse students throughout our various projects that attend community colleges, 4-year institutions, and schools of conservation. Our core is to provide those students an opportunity to work with Energized Solutions.

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