Agricultural Sustainability

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Agricultural Sustainability

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Who We Are

Energize Solutions, LLC, combines the best of science, business, and engineering to address private and corporate energy and water conservation efforts and related market characterizations of the agricultural sector. Energized Solutions is a leader in better understanding the growth and implications of both traditional rural and urban agriculture, including the growth and implication of Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA).

Our expertise spans from the investigation of energy needs by growers in the traditional agricultural sector to small growers in urban-based CEA. We have conducted multiple assessments of the rapidly changing urban agricultural and landscape sectors in the Los Angeles basin, from commercial rooftop gardens to the implementation of holistic landscapes in medical facilities.

Our goal is to support local utilities, municipalities, and grower in identifying common strategies that would result in improved use of resources and deeper understanding of the market and its environmental impact and potential.

What We Offer

  • Develop baseline usage and efficiency studies of energy, water, and greenhouse gas to identify potential stress points and operational efficiencies
  • Conduct extensive evaluations and diverse sustainable agricultural production and post-harvest practices
  • Promote the integration of GIS in agricultural-focused field research design and data analysis to understand the spread and scope of current and emerging agricultural and CEA operations
  • Draft recommendations and assessments of advanced and new technology implementations
  • Conduct market characterization and sustainability practices of agricultural segments
  • Favor the cohesive integration of field requirements and local policy in assessment practiced and scenario development
  • Propose and implement strategic planning and program support for local government consideration of urban agriculture

Recent Projects

Assessment of water usage in urban farms- a case study, 2016 – for Southern California Gas Company
We developed a case study based on the ‘Grow Good’ farm, located in Bell, CA. The scope of the project was to directly measure water usage for portions of the farm using different management systems and to develop strategies for water conservation implementations. Our work helped establish energy and water benchmarks for other greenhouse and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) growers to decrease costs and optimize productivity.

Urban Agriculture assessment in LA basin, 2016 – for Southern California Gas Company
Energize Solutions, in collaboration with Navigant Consulting, developed an extensive assessment, through direct data gathering and survey information, of the status and future direction of the growing Urban Agriculture sector in the LA basin. This study is being used by the utility to develop and support energy efficient and environmentally responsible policies and programs specific to the urban agricultural community.

Crop Replacement Study, 2015 – for Southern California Gas Company (SCG)
Energize Solutions planned and conducted an extensive field study of the potential for energy and water conservation for growers and post-harvest processors in SCG’s service area. We conducted extensive secondary data gathering, planned and executed field data gathering via face-to face interviews with growers and post-harvest processors, and identified the potential impact of crop replacement in the energy-water nexus. This study provided Southern California Gas Company field representatives and customers with a common ground for determining the energy-water and environmental impact of crop replacement.

Planning and Execution of Santa Barbara and Tulare Agricultural Forums, 2012 and 2013 – for Southern California Gas Company (SCG)
Energize Solutions supported the California Sustainability Alliance by planning and conducting agricultural forums with growers, post-harvest processors, and subject matter experts to identify Best Practices and opportunities for energy and water conservation.