Sustainable Development

Medical Landscaping Study, 2016

Energized Solutions developed and designed a study to compare the current and projected water usage associated with conceptual landscape architectural plans for Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital (PIH) in Whittier, CA. The ES team conducted direct observations and data gathering and provided a holistic architectural design that integrated patients’ wellbeing that benefited from significant water conservation implications. This design study is intended to energize thinking on holistic landscape designs by health care organizations on how to better conserve natural resources and provide the patients’ with an enhanced environmental context for returning to good physical and emotional health.

Assessment of water usage in urban farms- a case study, 2016 – for Southern California Gas Company

Energized Solutions, as part of a larger project focused on urban agriculture in the LA basin, developed a case study based on the ‘Grow Good’ urban farm, located in Bell, CA. The scope of the project was to directly measure water usage for portions of the farm using different management systems and to develop strategies for water conservation implementations. The goal of this case study is to help establish energy and water benchmarks for other greenhouse and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) growers to decrease costs and optimize productivity.

Southern California Gas Company—Planning and Execution of Santa Barbara and Tulare Agricultural Forums—2012 and 2013

Energized Solutions serves as the primary subcontractor to the California Sustainability Alliance and Navigant Consulting to plan and conduct agricultural forums with growers to identify Best Practices and opportunities for energy and water conservation. The final reports for the forums identify short and longer term program opportunities for SCG.

Southern California Gas Company—Crop Replacement Study, 2015

Energized Solutions served as subcontractor to the California Sustainability Alliance and Navigant Consulting to conduct a field study of the potential for energy and water conservation for growers and post-harvest processors in SCG’s southern California service area. Energized Solutions did extensive secondary data gathering and also planned and executed the field research via face-to face interviews with growers and post-harvest processors to determine the potential impact of crop replacement in the energy and water arenas. The project’s final report to SCG in December 2015 identifies several opportunities for SCG to enhance existing program support and consider new programs for the agricultural sector. This project also gathered data from several subject matter experts who currently assist growers with new agricultural technologies and advanced crop production approaches.

Central Basin Municipal Water District – High Efficiency Living Program

Energized Solutions was contracted by the Central Basin Municipal Water District to implement the High Efficiency Living Program (HELP). This water conservation program is operated under a grant from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to provide education and outreach to residential water customers. Under the contract, Energized Solutions conducted 10 workshops to educate approximately 600 residences about water conservation. Energized Solutions was also responsible for curriculum development, workshop presentations (English and Spanish), providing water conservation kits, development of a project database, conducting water surveys and providing a program impact and analysis report.

San Bernardino Community College District – Development of Master Plan for New Construction Projects across Campuses

Energized Solutions was a subcontractor to Alliance Consulting Engineers to develop Master Plans for campus expansions through State bond measures. The project focused on energy efficiency, sustainability, as well as codes and standards. The major project tasks included the following:
-Central Plants vs Distributed Systems
-Integration of Renewable Technologies and Sustainability Practices
-Development of Consistent Codes and Standards to Meet Energy and Operational Goals

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California– California Friendly Landscape Training Program

Energized Solutions had a multi-year contract with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to support the California Friendly Landscape Training Program. This program focuses on teaching water conservation courses. Energized Solutions conducted more than 75 classes for MWD member agencies throughout southern California. The courses are separated into a curriculum for home-owners and one for professional landscapers. The residential curriculum consists of four workshops that focus on basic landscape design, plants, sprinkler systems, watering and fertilizing. The professional landscaper curriculum consists of irrigation principles, irrigation system troubleshooting, controller programming and irrigation scheduling.
Energized Solutions employed 10 MWD certified instructors, including several with bilingual teaching experience. More than half of the instructors have PhDs or Masters Degrees with expertise in water conservation, landscape design, horticulture, native plants, xeriscaping, turf grass management, LEED certification, and energy efficiency.

Barona Casino and Resort – LEED Certification of Hotel

As a subcontractor to Walsh Engineers, Energized Solutions was responsible for the management, engineering and energy analysis related to the LEED certification of the Hotel. The certification goal for the existing facility is LEED Silver. This will be the first Tribal Indian facility in California to achieve LEED certification.

Southern California Gas Company – New Technology Demonstration Program:

As a subcontractor to Navigant Consulting, Energized Solutions is supporting a project to identify potential demonstration sites for a new state-of-the-art burner technology that is applied to radiant-tube furnaces. The Company is responsible for identifying potential customers for the demonstration, screening the potential customers, coordinating with SCG account representatives and coordinating with the Navigant Project Manager. Energized Solutions has also been retained to support the development of business plans for seven key technologies that have been identified as potential components of future energy efficiency programs for the utility.

San Diego Gas and Electric – Portfolio of the Future

As a subcontractor to Navigant Consulting, Energized Solutions supported a project to identify and evaluate potential new technologies that the utility can incorporate into the energy efficiency technology portfolio. Energized Solutions was responsible for supporting the development of technology business plans and specifically the development of the Marketing Plan, Marketing Strategy, and Executive Summary sections of the report.

The Triple Bottom Line In Every Project We Do

All of our projects take into account the Triple Bottom Line. The following text is just filler.conducted the field data gathering associated with eleven (11) of the LA DWP’s energy and water efficiency programs, including the Small Business Direct Install Program.

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