Environmental Education

Our Commitment

We have significant and successful experience developing and delivering cost-effective, customized water conservation education programs for a broad range of commercial and residential customers. Energized Solutions has administered over 150 water-related courses for various agencies, including several member agencies of the Metropolitan Water Agency. Among our successful initiatives are those aimed at educating residential and small business customers about the need and benefits of water conservation, ranging from reducing household water use to water conserving landscape designs and irrigation systems. We have customized and delivered these courses in English and Spanish and our learners have ranged from small business owners to elementary school students and senior citizens in diverse communities.

Recent Projects

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California– California Friendly Landscape Training Program (period 2009-2010)
This program focused on teaching water conservation courses. Energized Solutions conducted more than 75 classes for MWD member agencies throughout southern California. Two courses were customized and delivered, one for homeowners and another for professional landscapers. The residential curriculum consisted of four workshops that focused on basic landscape design, plants, sprinkler systems, watering and fertilizing. The professional landscaper curriculum consisted of modules on irrigation principles, irrigation system troubleshooting, controller programming and irrigation scheduling.

Central Basin Municipal Water District – High Efficiency Living Program (period 2012-2013)
This water conservation program was operated under a grant from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to provide education and outreach to residential water customers. Under the contract, Energized Solutions conducted ten workshops and educated approximately 600 residents about water conservation. Energized Solutions was responsible for curriculum development, workshop presentations (both in English and Spanish), providing water conservation kits, development of a project database, conducting water surveys, and providing a program impact and analysis report. Dr. Duran, Energized Solutions Founder and Principal, was the main leader of the team and was responsible for directing this project. A copy of the final report for the project can be found at: