Monitoring and Verification

Recent Projects

We have expertise supporting the evaluation of an array of energy efficiency programs at the residential and commercial scale. Energized Solutions has been the primary field contractor for a number of local and state agencies, including LA Department of Water and Power, Central Basin Municipal Water District, Navigant, and others. Our team includes a qualified field team and certified electricians.

Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power – EM&V

As a subcontractor to Navigant Consulting, Energized Solutions is supporting the evaluation of the utility’s energy efficiency programs. Energize Solutions is responsible for site audits, installation of monitoring equipment, data collection, and data entry. Energized Solutions has conducted the field data gathering associated with eleven (11) of the LA DWP’s energy and water efficiency programs, including the Small Business Direct Install Program, the Commercial Lighting Program, the Custom Performance Program, the Pool Pump and HVAC Customer Rebate Programs.

Southern California Gas Company – New Technology Demonstration Program:

As a subcontractor to Navigant Consulting, Energized Solutions supported project demonstration of a new state-of-the-art technologies. Energized Solutions was responsible for identifying potential customers for the demonstration, screening the potential customers, providing the equipment to the project participants, coordinating with SCG account representatives and coordinating with the Navigant Project Manager. Technologies have included commercial cooking appliances and domestic hot water control systems. Usage data is collected for each application and used to evaluate the performance of the technology. The information is used by SCG to determine if the technology can be integrated into its energy efficiency program portfolio.

Southern California Edison – Quality Assurance Program Development

Energized Solutions was retained by SCE to evaluate and assess the quality assurance program in their Energy Efficiency organization. Energized Solutions reviewed existing manuals and documents, interviewed key department managers, and assessed the current state of the QA program. The project then focused on a gap analysis, development of key performance indicators, development of a conceptual approach for tracking and reporting, and a road map for transitioning the program.

Pechanga Resort and Casino – Cogeneration Project

As a subcontractor to Walsh Engineers, Energized Solutions was responsible for representing the mechanical engineering firm during the project construction and commissioning phases of the project. The project consisted of a Solar Turbine 5 MW combustion turbine, a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), a York absorption chiller and a state-of-the-art central plant control system.

Southern California Edison – Change Management Support

Energized Solutions worked under contract to SCE to develop and implement a long term strategic program with their T&D organization that focuses on a set of tools for middle management to use for employee annual performance reviews and evaluations. This program was intended to improve the business unit operations in the areas of increased worker productivity, moral and responsiveness to customer needs. Energized Solutions developed an employee performance review methodology and a leadership management handbook. The handbook has been incorporated into a prototype web site developed by Energized Solutions and operates on a secure portal.

Technology Company Product Development – Hydrogen Generator Technology Assessment

Energized Solutions was retained by a small technology company to evaluate a clean hydrogen generation system and conduct a market analysis for the potential product. The work included an evaluation of the system components and overall operational performance, identification of potential applications, estimates of system costs, lifecycle cost analysis, and identification of near-term market opportunities.

Avery-Dennison Assembly Plant Energy Efficiency Study – Tijuana, Mexico

Energized Solutions was contracted to conduct a preliminary energy audit at the 500,000 ft2 facility in Tijuana, Mexico. The objective of the study was to identify energy reduction measures that were classified as no-cost/low-cost and could be implemented prior to the up coming summer season. The energy efficiency areas identified for energy savings were associated with the following areas:
-Office Lighting
-Day Lighting
-Cafeteria Systems
-Production Systems
-Blow Molding
-Air Compressors
-Battery Charger Management
-Air Conditioning Set Points / HVAC Controls
Energized Solutions identified energy related savings representing a 12.4% reduction of electricity (1,928,252 kWh) per year. The analysis included an evaluation of the electric tariff of the Mexican electric company (CFE) so that the appropriate cost of electricity could be applied to each energy conservation measure evaluated. The management team at the Avery Dennison facility in Tijuana has implemented almost every recommendation in preparation for the heavy summer production runs planned.

The Triple Bottom Line In Every Project We Do

All of our projects take into account the Triple Bottom Line. The following text is just filler.conducted the field data gathering associated with eleven (11) of the LA DWP’s energy and water efficiency programs, including the Small Business Direct Install Program.

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