Practice Areas


Agricultural Sustainability

We have expertise promoting sector growth and mediating the conversation concerning best practices and pressing needs between growers and local utilities and municipalities. Over the past few years, we have worked to create informed baseline assessments and focus studies to better characterize the connections between water-energy-food production in Southern California.

Monitoring and Verification

The company’s principals have extensive experience in the areas of strategic energy and water planning and program evaluation for utilities, government agencies, and commercial entities. Over the last fifteen years Energized Solutions has brought innovative approaches to energy and water-related feasibility studies, measurement and verification site audits, assessment of energy and water conservation opportunities and associated emerging technologies, and training programs related to energy and water conservation in English and Spanish

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Water Energy & Conservation

We are well suited to develop baseline usage and efficiency studies of energy, water, greenhouse gases and related environmental practices and outcomes with the goal to identify potential stress points and operational opportunities and efficiencies.

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Environmental Education

At Energized Solutions, we recognize that the world is changing. Resources are getting scarcer, operating costs are rising, and traditional land-use practices are unsustainable. We will work with your residential and business customers to educate and support incentive processing to help facilitate water, energy, and resources conservation and reduction. Energized Solutions has offered over 150 customized courses that have benefited local communities achieve their water conservation goals.

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